Friday, November 30, 2007

Never-Before-Seen: Meas Sok Sophea

Nobody else would have ever seen this cool young singer in pose like this before. Now she's got sexier in a fashionably way. Meas Sok Sophea usually sings better English songs than any other Cambodia singers. Well, she is my fave Cambodian female singer now. And I hope you guys like the picture that I just made.


lion said...

i like this picture so much she is pretty

lion said...

i see her at spkplus i like that cuz she pretty than tv

pritz said...

I like everything abt ur work but please tried to minimize ur editing on skins... it doesn't look natural, Most of editing now aday always blur the skin! it's really not a good photograph anymore. Sorry my english is not really good but i hope u get what i meant! Keep going mate, u really a talented!

Sovin said...

Hey guys... Thanks for your comments and support on my works. Well, Pritz you know retouching is very expensive in countries like the U.S.A, France or England. To learn skills about making the skin smoother than usual is not that easy. I'm glad that you have that point of views but I could always keep the original skinning tones and stuff only when I do natural photos. This is fashion photos and in my opinion, it's just getting famous nowadays. I have a few pictures that I didn't do much retouching that I didn't post them only. Perhaps someday I'll think about posting them.

Again, thanks for your comments.

the Plus Photographer

KhmerCinema said...
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Anonymous said...

very niceee sovin been supportin ur works since ur at and loving it keep the good work and yeah retouching is not that eay ivn been in uni course for 2 years with photography i havnt got much skills out of it yet need to learn some more skills eyy well... good job love all of it

~sovannary~ said...

i love this picture of meas sok sophea!! she is beautiful and has an amazing voice! you on the other hand are very talented! i love your photograghy and cant wait to see more.

Nichelle said...

I love this picture of Meas Soksophea! Why can't I find pictures like this in Khmer Magazines? I bought a few Ladies Magazine, but the pictures are not pretty. thanks for sharing ja.

Sovin said...

Hey guys,

When I first worked with Ladies Magazine, I thought I'd land on the right place. Of course, they had theirs concepts for photos which I respected a lot. It was a real challenge but great opportunity and experience for me to know what exactly my goal in photography is. Thanks to "Ladies" anyway. Now that I stopped working with them, I'm glad that I decided to do what I was happy to do. No harm feeling to the "magazine", but I don't think we would see any high fashion photos on spreads.

I'm so psyched because I found out that many people like my work, especially this "one photo". I'm really grateful for your support.

Meas Sok Sophea is an easy person to work with. Beautiful, smart and outgoing, I think I have been lucky enough to be able to work on her photos. But more to come later.

Guys, thanks, OK?
Sovin, the photographer

Nichelle said...

Thanks bong Sovin! I'v seen some of your work and it really looks like one of those pictures from an high fashion magazine. so you don't work for Ladies Magazine anymore? I was hoping to see your work in the State. I love to see Khmer fashion pictures, but the pictures I've seen on Khmer Magazine really disappoint me. I've taken a few studio photography class and I really love to do fashion pictures. why don't you open up a fashion magzine company. we need one high fashion magazine in Cambodia. I hope I will get to meet and work with you one day when I go to Cambodia. thanks, and looking forward to see more beautiful pics.

Sovin said...

Hey Nichelle,

I really didn't enjoy my jobs on previous Ladies. It wasn't really high fashion or yet not at all. But thanks for your kind words to me.

You'll need to check out the later for more promotions, creative works, online magaizne, Digital DVD edition magazine and many more on sale. But for now, check out the preview of the upcoming PlusMag that I just updated earlier.

Stay cool,
Sovin, the Photographer

EverGreenTree said...

I agree that she's getting sexier, and you made the best picture of her. Such a talented person!

Sophea Fan said...

Oh, Is she Sophea? So hot! I really love her. thump up! Your technique is great! I love.

KC said...

Hey sovan when will online magaizne, Digital DVD edition magazine up for sale ? coz i cant wait for it i really enjoy your works alot been waiting for you works :) well have a nice day

Anonymous said...

Hey Sovin, thanks for the masterpiece art works, you are AWESOME!!! btw, could you plz. post some pictures of Lany Ly (the actor) and Dany (the singer) can't wait to see them. Thanks in a million....

AguileraAnimato said...

i just found your blog

i interest in meas sok
she's look outstanding and i love her voice and eng essence
for one reason i fall for hers
she copy the song form utada in words by words
melody by melody

the song called 'come back to me' as the same name as hikky's

even i don't like the way she copied
but i love hers voice sometimes it's like the parody for hikky 'cos even the mv she still copy shots by shots

so i think i want to listend for meas sok for more singles
but i can't find it
I'm Thai... it's hard to find cambodian songs in net
can u suggest me for an advice....