Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vang Srey No

This sexy girl Vang Srey No actually appears on this blog for the first time. She's hot and she's on many local magazine covers all around. We're planning on a new project together but here it's my latest job with her but yet there are more to come later... or sooner. I just need to fix a date and do the photoshoots. These pictures below are shot for a Spa commercial and I thought she was beautiful in them. Guys, you need to enjoy it, don't you lolz!!!

A close-up version


Anonymous said...

Hi there, thanks for posting more pics. I like your work a lot. I've been waiting for you to post new pic lolz
Anyways, is she planning to have her own spa? How many big, popular spas are there in Cambodia?
Do you know which spa this spa commercial is for?

Thanks :)

TOM said...

Beautiful but I like it better if she doesn't have this too heavy make up.